Month: June 2009

Christ In Me (Paul The Musical)

Christ In Me Music & Lyrics by Anthony Tay Performed by Timothy Wong Paul the Musial OST Is it finally Christ in me? Is it no longer I but Christ who lives in me? Is it finally Christ that fills my soul completely? Have I finally died to sin? Have I finally emptied all I am to Him? Have I finally died in Him that He may live in me? I have run the race without compromise Kept my focus on the []

He searched and found me

“How does it feel like to have faith?” That was the question a young (19 yrs old) Catholic girl asked me in the middle of lunch 2 days ago. Was I surprised at the question? Not at all. It made perfect, wonderful sense. Not all who have a religion also have faith. Religion contains practices, rites, and a set of beliefs. Faith, however, is about deep personal experience. So how did I answer? I looked at her young countenance, detecting the wounded, []

Resting in God's lap

“Why do you need to go for confession when you can confess to God directly?” This is not only a question that Catholics are asked to answer by people of other faith, it is also a question that Catholics often ask. In fact, there are many, many Catholics who are living their faith but who are nonetheless uncomfortable with going for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Some of them may have had bad experiences in their youth with confession, others probably shrink back []