Month: July 2009


Have you heard the saying ‘kids say the darndest things’? Because of their innocence and lack of guile, children often say things or ask questions that completely take us by surprise. Well, to me, God says the darndest things. When I was badgering him to tell me my mission in life as a 17 yr old, he shot back with, “Are you willing to suffer for me?” When I complained once that he was very bossy, he retorted with, “And you’re not?” []

Stillness, Silence and Sadness

I sat in the Adoration Room with the rest who are spending half an hour to meditate in the Lord’s presence. As I closed my eyes to start my meditation, my thoughts were still wandering. I felt Him put his hand gently on my head and he said ever so gently,“Shhh… be still.” I suddenly felt a deep stillness descend upon me. I felt myself drawn deeper and deeper into a place of great silence and stillness – I was being drawn []