Month: October 2009

Spiritual warfare

The best teacher is God our Father. The most amazing spiritual director to have is the Holy Spirit. Who else can use every aspect of my life to teach me? Direct me to literature that I need at a certain season in my life? And then supplement my readings with real experiences that bring to life what I’m reading? God has done this once before on the topics of Discernment and Spiritual Direction. This time, he’s teaching me about Spiritual Warfare, which []

Hell and the Good News we preach

I teach 13 year olds catechism class every Sunday. One day, I told them that God loves them and that God doesn’t want anybody to be in hell. I talked to them about living in love rather than in fear of damnation. After some animated discussion on salvation, grace, and hell, one of the boys asked, “But if we aren’t afraid of going to hell, then why would anyone behave?” That is a very good question to ponder and reflect upon, for []

Journal: It's not easy

Back in January this year I was liberated – shackles that have been weighing me down for years were suddenly broken. My image of God began to heal. My image of self began to heal. I suddenly realized and experienced just how extravagant God’s enduring love was for me. Though that period of time was intense and draining, it was also full of joy and wonder. So rich was the love and grace I experienced then that my understanding of God’s love []

God's language of love

October 1, 2009. Children’s Day. My heavenly Father gave me a surprise present. During my morning quiet time in the Adoration Room, I was drawn inwardly to being very still and silent. I usually start my prayers with the Rosary, but this time, the desire to stay silent was very strong and so I just knelt, and then sat quietly in front of the Blessed Sacrament. My awareness of the Holy Spirit’s loving presence was remarkably stronger than it had been for []