Month: December 2009

Loving the broken part of me

This is an old blog entry dated May 25, 2006 which I had taken from my journal. Back then, I had not yet befriended Silence and Solitude. I find that the message of embracing my brokenness still speaks deeply to me today and that this is the reflection that our Lord is drawing me into as 2009 comes to a close. I hope that there will be something here that speaks to you too. Silence. Solitude. Do those words give you peace []

That excruciating journey of hope

The most painful and necessary pilgrimage is the inner journey we make into the center of our being. To come face to face with demons within us that we did not know exist; to acknowledge and accept the ugliness and weaknesses we hate within our selves; and to allow Christ – God’s Word Incarnate – to enter that tattered slum of our heart and show us that he is very comfortable there. Lord, I am much less than the humble stable in []

Wasting time with Jesus

I’ve heard it said that one test of true companionship is when two people are able to be with each other with no plans or agenda. When two friends can enjoy each other’s company in silence – when they can be fully present to each other without having to do anything or say anything to each other – they share a very special kind of bond. It occurred to me today that some of the most enjoyable times I have experienced in []