Month: February 2011

Blessed. Held.

Empty, lonely, and afraid, I cried to Him. Please don’t take away my family… not yet please. I’m not ready. I can’t do without them. He holds my head against his heart. Stroking my hair, He gently replies. My grace is sufficient for you. Do not be afraid of what may come. I will always give you the grace you need at the hour that you need it. My grace will not take away your pain, but it will help you to []

Cleaved by light

I saw a bright light come from heaven, cleaving mountains and cliffs, shattering rock into millions of pieces. I saw the light piercing into the mountain I was standing on. The ray of light thrust through granite into the belly of the moutain, bringing light where there had only been darkness and loneliness. I only saw this vision when I was standing in darkness. There are things of God that can only be revealed in the barrenness of pain, loneliness, and helplessness. []