Month: March 2011

Prayer of Surrender (Intellect)

Lord, I surrender my intellect to you today. Thank you for blessing me with intelligence. But in my life I have abused your gift – I’ve taken pride in what knowledge I gained… Let it puff me up and hurt others… Forgotten you in my vanity. Let me not have any knowledge unless it be what pleases you for me to know. Please purify my intellect so that what I learn will gleam with truth and love. Banish any self-serving, greedy desire []

When God speaks

God called me to visit a friend in hospital today. “Couldn’t you have sent me on a day when I am actually feeling your love and presence, Lord?” I had been feeling very low over the last several days. How could I bring hope and peace to my injured friend when I was feeling so miserable? And yet, the urge that I should see her remained strong. I began to feel that I would not have peace today if I did not []

Lent Begins

We were to attend Ash Wednesday mass together. I was early, but by the time Henry arrived, the church was packed to the doors. He couldn’t get to where I was seated. We were separated. When I returned to my seat after receiving ashes on my forehead, I felt a tap on my shoulder. “I’m going to stand right there where you can see me,” Henry pointed to a spot near the choir as he smiled at me. My heart filled with []


The candles floated gracefully, drawing closer then gliding further apart. At times they rested together, side by side. At times they rested apart, each in its own solitude. They are free to go where the current brings them; Free to make the dance of life. Their fidelity is to the water that buoys them, and they find joy being in the same bowl. Together, yet apart. Apart, yet not alone.  

Don’t climb Everest. Climb Calvary.

I still am very self-centered. I can’t help it. There’s a wall I cannot breach. My flaws rise up like a Mt. Everest I cannot imagine climbing. “Don’t climb Everest, Ann. Climb Calvary.” One drop of sweat at a time. One “Yes, Lord” at a time. One “I’m sorry, please forgive me” at a time. One healing at a time. One tear at a time. One grace at a time. One embrace at a time. The Incarnate Word made His journey from []