Month: April 2011

Keep looking up!

That day I came home heavy-hearted. I had heard and seen so many things that seemed to indicate failure. After all the months of effort and energy, I had thought there was some fruit. But now I could only see the signs of failure. Disheartened, the path ahead of me loomed dauntingly. I blinked back tears of disappointment before God. Then, He spoke: Trust me. Trust in my promise, and not in what your human eyes can see. This is my work, []

Prayer for Self-love

I thank you, Lord, my Father for creating me the way I am. I am a mystery, even to myself. I ask that you help me to enter this beautiful mystery that I am. May I come to delight in and love myself the same way that You delight in and love me. Help me to cherish my dignity and to live true to my inheritance in Your Kingdom. This I ask through Christ who lived his belovedness perfectly. AMEN.

My Father’s Love

  Lord, I am afraid of displeasing you. I fear losing your love. I fear making you upset and hurt. I fear making you disappointed in me. Ann, That would never happen. Look at the world and remember who I AM. I am not your mother, or father, or husband. I am all of them and more. I am ALMIGHTY GOD, and my love is almighty too. I want you to live without fear, I want you to run free in my []

Twelve Years

Twelve years have passed since that night in Toronto when we enthroned God in our hearts as the Lord of our love. We were so young then, so untried and full of youthful optimism. We had made a commitment to love God first with all the sincerity of our hearts, but with little idea of what it would cost to fulfill that promise. Since then, shame, despair, loss, sin, and fear have humbled us. Then mercy, forgiveness, love, faith, and hope redeeemed []