Month: June 2011

Ms. Goody-2-Shoes

‘Goody-2-shoes’ is a phrase I have heard often in my life. Whether uttered in derision or affection, this name has always made me cringe inwardly. To my ears, this term is often synonymous with stick-in-the-mud, inflexible, uncool, and just plain boring. It’s true that I hardly drink, I have never smoked, I have never gone clubbing, I married my first boyfriend, and I am painfully honest and responsible (most of the time). On the other hand, in spite of my ‘goody’ self, []

The Jesus Mirror

Week II/2 Spiritual Exercises Asking for “intimate knowledge” of Jesus goes two ways – into Jesus and into yourself. You want reverently to feel what Jesus felt, to see with His eyes, to think what He thought, even to do what He did. But such knowledge of any other person is impossible to the one who does not go into herself as well. So it is you will discover that “intimate knowledge” of Jesus reveals you to yourself at the same time. []

Will I follow?

The following is adapted from Florencio Segura S.J.’s ” Eight Days of the Spiritual Exercises.” There are those who follow Christ because they want to serve Him whom they call master… and there are those who follow because they are willing to lose their lives for love and in imitation of Christ who is dispossessed and broken, poor and humiliated. For those who hear God’s call, it is a radical and coherent call that has echoed throughout the history of Salvation. It []

Keep faith

  Tired beyond belief. “Just float, Ann… let my breath carry you where you’re meant to go.”