Month: November 2011

Connecting the “God” Dots

God speaks to me in such funny yet astounding ways. Only he can weave seemingly random elements of my life from the past and the present to gently prod me into the future.  University of Toronto, PHL307H1, Spring 2002 I remember the course on the philosophy of Augustine of Hippo well. It was taught by a young-looking Ph.D. student named Sarah Byers, and I remember not being terribly impressed by her because of how young and inexperienced she looked. Until she started []

The Desert Beckons

But look, I am going to seduce her and lead her into the desert and speak to her heart. – Hos 2:16 There has been a small, still voice in my heart that has been calling out to me for some time. It has taken me some time to hear it over the din of my everyday life, but now that I hear it, I am arrested by it and cannot turn away. “Come away, Ann…  Come away…” I have been feeling the desire []

Infused with God

“To be Christian is to be more than human; it is to be human in the way that God intended for us to be human. To be Christian is to be a human being infused with God’s Spirit.” – Fr. John-Paul Tan OFM, Homily on the Feast of All Saints 2011 To be infused is: 1. To put into or introduce as if by pouring 2. To fill or cause to be filled with something 3. To steep or soak without boiling []

Can I have the strudel, Lord?

Last night, our RCIA group celebrated Henry’s birthday with a delicious apple strudel.  There was one serving left-over, which we kept in the fridge. This morning, I was in a rush to have breakfast, and the strudel was temptingly delicious and available.  I quickly texted Henry, “Can I eat the strudel for breakfast?” and without waiting for a response from him because I knew he would say ‘yes’, I started eating. Halfway through the strudel, Henry replied, “Okies, enjoy the strudel!” As []