Month: January 2012

Freedom of Heart

I have always had a love-hate relationship with authority and rules. I am deeply convicted that legitimate authority should be respected and that rules are often created to serve the common good, and thus ought to be given due consideration. And yet, in my inner-most being, I resent any power that stifles me. I crave freedom. I am deeply rebellious to anything that attempts to suppress me. I do not like to be told what not to do (or what to do []

“Don’t be afraid to live.”

Old journal entry dated 16 September 2010 My Child, You have often pre-empted me in your life. You made assumptions about what I would ask of you Рto give up what you would want Р and so you never truly lived. Do not worry about what I might ask you to give up, or where I might ask you to go. I want you to walk Рboldly, freely, fearlessly. I want you to desire and to be honest with me []

Prayer for 2012

Dear Lord, Please teach me how to honour you with my life. Help me to align my life to your purpose and will for me. Help me to take on without protestation what you ask me to do; help me to let go of anything that you do not ask me to take on. Lord, please guide me towards surrendering all my relationships to you, trusting that you and you alone will be sufficient for me; and that you will provide me []