Month: February 2012

Let The Storm Rage

It’s just the wind. Don’t be afraid, Ann. Let the storm rage. Let the winds come and the torrents fall. No matter how the boat rocks and pitches, remember – the storm is only on the surface. Deep down below, all is still, and quiet, and calm. What’s there to be afraid of? I am with you, and I can calm the storm at will. If I allow the storm to carry on, it is because you are safe with me. Even []

Painted by God’s Love

My ardent Lover pursued me. He lured away my greatest attachment so that I would cleave to Him more purely. Then He showered me with extravagant and unexpected gifts that proclaimed His love for me: A three-fold assurance from a near stranger, an invitation to quality time from a dear friend, a beloved face in a room of strangers, and words of affirmation that touched and humbled me. I was sad and lonely, but He said, “That’s me painting you with my []