Month: December 2012

Your Life In Me

To my Bridegroom You desire to enter me, to fill me with Your seed. You long to be one flesh with me but I, though desiring You, resist. You temper your passion to a gentle flame that I would not be alarmed at your ardour You lie beside me, your arm encircles me You hold me close and I hear your heartbeat. More than your longing to be one with me You desire that I match your yearning; That I receive You []

I Am

“Who am I?” I have attempted to answer this question with my intellect countless times before. I was always defeated.  I could only list attributes, none of which really got to the heart of the matter. No, this is not a question for the intellect. This is a question for the heart. “Who am I?” I AM.

Break my heart for what breaks yours

Why are you doing this to me Lord? After a lovely time with you, why are you letting me feel such loneliness? I miss Henry so much, Lord. Why did you have to have his trip extended? I am running away from the pain. I know. Seeking distraction in company, entertainment. I can’t even sleep early or sleep well. Why is that? I do not wish to displease you Lord. Yet somehow I feel that it’s ok for me to do what []