Month: January 2013

To the brim

    “Do whatever he tells you,” Mary said. And when Jesus asked them to fill the jars with water, they filled it to the brim.  Do I go the distance? When I say, “Your will be done,” do I really mean totally and completely? Totus tuus.  Yes, fill me, Lord. Your will be done. To the brim.


It has been like this for some time, I cannot remember how long now. This strange, unfamiliar yet growing sense that I am losing my taste for things. My senses, when it comes to most external things, seem to be getting duller. More and more I prefer silence and rest to stimulation and excitement. And what used to thrill me before now feel like I am tasting them through a layer of cotton. Music. Entertainment. Good food. Even good reading. Ideas. Intellectual []

God communicates his love in both silence and the Word. We behold the Word in the silence of our hearts.

Mirror Mirror

  On the way to a wedding dinner, Henry and I came face to face with a huge mirror which made us look much taller and slimmer than we were. “Wow!” I exclaimed as I admired my reflection. “Look how tall and slim I am. I love this mirror!” “There’s one problem though,” my wise husband smoothly replied. “It’s lying to you.” The truth of what he said immediately dispelled the temporary enchantment that had been cast upon me. And I pondered []