I am free

I come back to you, Lord. I come with my mixed up feelings, confusing impulses, with all that’s in me. I run from company and then I run to company. I am at peace, and then I am in turmoil when some word or action hurts me. There is no peace, no stability to be […]

Scrutinise me

Word of God, scrutinise me. Probe me, examine my heart. Expose what needs exposing, Heal what needs healing, And bring to light all that hides in darkness. For I am yours I have given my self over to you. I no longer wish to possess a will independent of you. What you wish, I wish […]

Keep it simple

Note to Self: The Enemy is wily. He wants to keep your energy and attention focused on things that seem to be of great significance for the Kingdom of God but which in reality are really quite unimportant. For instance, he wants you to be overly concerned with your own sanctity and on others’ spiritual […]