Month: October 2013

St Vincent de Paul

The works of God have their moment; His Providence brings them about at that time and neither sooner nor later. The Son of God saw the loss of souls; yet, He did not advance the hour ordained for His coming. Let us wait patiently but let us act, and, so to speak, let us make haste slowly.

God’s Work

It is God’s work, not mine. HE is the master builder. I cannot rush God’s work. I am simply called at every instant to love. Love the person in front of me, whoever it is. Whether it is a superior, a stranger, a friend, an enemy, or someone I am leading or working with. This person could even be myself. The most I can do to advance God’s Kingdom is always, always, to love.  Love means accepting the person where he is at. It []

Love Offends

Darkness cannot abide the Light. Those in darkness yearn for the light, but insofar as they have been touched by darkness they hate the light. And so it is that they both fear and yearn the light of Christ, attracted and repelled by the one thing that will save them. For this reason Christ both attracts and repels for men loathe what they fear, even when what they fear is nothing that would wound them except in love. Christ is light and []