Month: December 2013

2013: Let it be

It’s about to become 2014 in less than half an hour. What will I remember 2013 for? There are so many things to be grateful for. But I am learning to measure all things in terms of how I have been brought closer to God. And from this perspective, the great lesson for me in 2013 has been about letting it be. No matter how hard I try, there are obstacles within myself that I cannot overcome. Let it be. Even when I can []

I want to be free

Discovered this in an undated draft. Everything written here still holds true for me today.  There is only one thing that matters – the salvation of souls. The salvation of my soul and the salvation of all souls. Jesus Christ became man and died for my sins to set me free. Free from all that bind me and prevent me from living the abundant life I was created to live. If the glory of God is the human person fully alive, then []

‘Wake up, my child. Wake up before death wakes you up.’

(Excerpt from Ron Rolheiser’s “The Shattered Lantern”) In his autobiography, “Report to Greco,” Nikos Kazantzakis tells how as a young man he went to visit a then-famous monk. He describes his encounter as follows: Working up courage, I entered the cave and proceeded toward the voice. The ascetic was curled up on the ground. He had raised his head, and I was able in the half-light to make out his face as it gleamed in the depths of unutterable beatitude… I did []

The grace of loneliness

Perhaps to help me experience the longing of Advent more keenly this year, God decided to send my husband away for a month-long work trip half the world away. I don’t think I’ve even allowed myself to acknowledge just how much I miss my best friend and spiritual companion. In all my life I’ve always had an aching and yearning emptiness in my heart – a deep abyss that can never be filled. For years I had tried throwing many things into []