Month: April 2014

Think less, love more

It is folly to always seek understanding before obeying when it comes to the spiritual life. For in faith the intellect and will are the last to be purified, and they must be purified by love.  I am doomed if I rely on my darkened intellect to direct me rather than the love of God which eludes understanding except in grace. Indeed I need to follow the way in which I know not.

True happiness

What would it be like if I didn’t live for myself, for my own pleasure? If I could lose myself in service of others, how happy I would be! If I could care nothing about my own inclinations, I would be free. Lord, I want to be free. Help me to forget myself completely and live for others for Your sake so that my joy may be complete!

Cleanse my heart O Lord

Lord, I have been praying this for a while and now I pray it again: Cleanse my heart! Rip out every last vestige of any idol that is there. Break my heart if You will it, if it is what will free me to love You more deeply and serve You more completely. I will not entertain any thoughts that instil fear, anxiety, and disquiet in me. I will not cave in to curiosity. I choose to turn my gaze back to Your []