Month: October 2014

Diving In (Moving On)

A very good friend in Toronto once wrote me, “I think that your #1 best quality is that you constantly tell yourself that you can be better and putting in effort to improve. I think that in our struggles to change, we polish ourselves like little pebbles rubbing against the vast riverbed and all the other little pebbles. And that’s you: constantly availing yourself to life, whether it’s happiness, anger, sadness, hope or disappointment…”   To live with such intensity and passion []

The Gift of Quiet

Increasingly I have found that my soul needs quiet to be well. And I have also found that quiet is a wonderful gift to offer others. When I am at peace and my spirit is quiet and still, I make this invaluable gift of quiet to others who need it, and who are blessed and restored by it.

A Letter to Mary

Dear Mary, I don’t feel like calling you ‘Mother’ today. (I like to think that you don’t mind that.) In the past, I feel that our relationship has been so stilted and formal precisely because I’ve only thought of you as ‘Mother’ and ‘Queen’. Not that those are bad things, but you know, those terms can carry a lot of baggage. I’ve been trained to think of ‘mother’ in a certain way, and certainly ‘queen’ does not feel exactly… accessible. And to []