Month: November 2014

The God of Stumbles and Falls

You know the popular question that people have, “If God is a loving God, why does He allow suffering?” Well, I thought I had gone past asking that question until recently when I discovered that I am still struggling with it in a different form. The question I ask is, “If God loves His children so much, why does He let them screw up their lives?” At 35 years old, I have lived enough years to see people of my generation bear the painful []

To the King of My Heart

Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe 23 November 2014 Dearest Jesus, Do you remember the day when I “crowned” you king in my heart? I was 15; hurt, lonely, and lost. The world I thought I had known had crumbled around me, both at home and in school. I learned for the first time in my young life that there is no guarantee in life for the pillars of my life – the key relationships I had always []

The Joy of Not Belonging

Ever since I read Anne of Green Gables when I was nine years old, I longed for a bosom friend like the titular heroine had. How wonderful it would be, I thought, to have someone who loves me and understands me completely, and, more importantly, with whom I will always belong. Since then, I had been seeking for a community to call my own. I prayed, I sought, I tried in different ways to belong to someone or a group of people []


Ann, Ann, you’re growing in mindfulness and you can now notice the correlation between your wandering thoughts and the effect those thoughts have on your inner being. Notice how a few lines of inspired writing by Ruth Burrows lifts your soul’s gaze to God and fills you with energy and renewed zeal to follow Christ. Notice how certain thoughts centered on your neuroses narrow your mind’s vision and quickly make your inner being feel suffocated and listless. Notice how when you call []

Before you ask God to choose you a spouse, let Him choose your friends

Imagine that you were born in a foreign land and you have been appointed for a special mission since your birth to find your way back to your homeland where your inheritance awaits you. You are also tasked to try and bring as many people as possible back to your homeland – of their own free will. This mission will take you on a very long journey through dangerous terrain and hostile territories. You may select a group of no more than []

Fruitfully Married Without Children (a.k.a. Childless for God’s Kingdom)

A sharing about the discernment of a “call within a call” within marriage I have always believed that I would have children. When I was 10 years old, some of my classmates started calling me “Mother” because, as they said, I was so motherly towards them. When I was in my teens, I came to the conclusion after much reflection that the most wonderful thing a person could do in this life was to bring up another soul to know and love []