Month: July 2015

What is ‘discernment’, really?

In the circles I move in, I often hear the term “discernment.” We ask people to discern before they make major decisions. We hear people saying that they are discerning what programme to study, what job to take, or whether they should marry. We hear people saying that they are discerning their mission or personal vocation. It is wonderful that so many people are trying to discern God’s will in their life, but sometimes I wonder how many of us really are equipped []

Loving Sister Suffering

Yesterday evening, I was musing on how I had come to love and seek out Solitude and Silence when once I would have run from them. The reason that I have come to love them is because I have found that they help me so much in coming to really know and love God and myself. As I was reflecting on this yesterday, a third “S” appeared in my mind – their sister, Suffering. This is a sister I have yet to []