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Labyrinth, Chartres Cathedral

This little corner of cyberspace reflects my journey into my own heart. I am and have been, at various points in my life, daughter, sister, friend, student, wife, catechist, and parish pastoral worker. But my interior journey has always been to discover who I am beyond all those identities the world knows me as – and to come to know myself as the Beloved of God.

The past seven years have seen me walking into a fuller expression of the personal vocation I was created for – an aspiring contemplative in the world who gives expression to my relationship with God through speaking, writing, photography, and holding spiritual conversations with fellow seekers of The One Beyond All Names.

This is my story told through words and images that come from my heart. Welcome, honoured guest, and may your time here inspire you to make your own journey of the heart.

Ann (Meaning: Grace)

Last updated January 2021