So cool, evidence of my first 1.1 MP!

Hey folks, wanna see something cool? Well it’s ok if you don’t think it’s cool cos I DO (ego as I am). Shawn and I got our first (and so far only) bridge masterpoints at the Toronto Regional Bridge Tournament on March 24th. I just found out the results are on the internet! So check it out: . Must scroll down to Thurs Aft 0-5 29 pairs table. Ok, so it’s nothing to shout about too much… but I still think []

Thank You, Lord

Thank you Lord for the trials that come my way In that way I can grow each day, As I let you lead. Yes I thank you Lord, for the patience those trials bring In the process of growing, I can learn to care But it goes against the way I am To put my human nature down And let the Spirit take control of all I do For when those trials come My human nature shouts the things to do And []

Jumping on the bandwagon at last

For years i’ve resisted blogging… always seemed rather strange to me for people to air so many of their thoughts in such a public space. But i’ve been slowly turned around to the idea that perhaps this is a good way for my very busy friends half the globe away to get quick updates on my “weather channel.” Don’t expect too much… i don’t have the time to make this a pretty place to visit (unless i get bored and decide to []