It’s NOT about getting young people to spend more time in church

There is no necessary correlation between the amount of time a person spends in church or being involved in church activities and the quality of his/her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Parents – I think you should know – that having your child spend more time in church does not necessarily decrease the chances of him/her picking up bad habits you want them to avoid either. Just as it is out there in the world, there is sexual promiscuity, under-aged and unsupervised []

5 Traits of Highly Effective Evangelisers

The truth is that not all evangelising efforts are effective, and not everyone who sets out to evangelise is spiritually fruitful. Frequently, we attempt to look for external reasons for why our efforts do not give us the results we seek. It is all too easy to forget that when it comes to evangelisation, it is always the internal factors that matter. We need only look at the lives of the saints to see very clearly that the difference they made in []