5 Traits of Highly Effective Evangelisers

The truth is that not all evangelising efforts are effective, and not everyone who sets out to evangelise is spiritually fruitful. Frequently, we attempt to look for external reasons for why our efforts do not give us the results we seek. It is all too easy to forget that when it comes to evangelisation, it is always the internal factors that matter. We need only look at the lives of the saints to see very clearly that the difference they made in []

Reflections of a Recovering “Pharisee”

In yesterday’s and today’s Gospel readings, Jesus had some harsh words for the pharisees – “You appear to people from outside like good honest men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.” – Mt 23:28 Poor pharisees. As unsympathetic as they are in the gospels, I identify with them. I know what it is like to strive to appear good and God-fearing. I have always strove for that, from as early as I can remember, yet I only knew the form, []