That Yellow Flower

Can’t help staring at that pic on my blog. Even when I was browsing for different blog themes yesterday, this one caught my attention in a way the others didn’t. It wasn’t because it was the most aesthetically pleasing per se…but something about the photo spoke to me. And now, after having made it my […]

Tag of the Day

Creativity at play. Metwin1 wrote: And now it’s…….. Springtime for Ann and her blogabode. Tagboard is coming alive… Look around, and it’s all white and grey. Look up, the flower’s bright and gay. Springtime for Ann and her blogabode, More talks of staking in here… Springtime for Ann and her blogabode… Watch out Descartes, more […]


Hello there! Welcome to my new (probably temporary), very humble, blogabode. There are more links on my blog now, including some of my favourites. More may still be added over time. If you’re thinking that this new template looks very similar to my old one you’d be correct :P I couldn’t find anything I liked […]

New 'Home'

Hello and welcome to my new blogabode! Thanks to Hui Xuan (for recommending WordPress & and to Steve Caturan of Negimaki (who gave my blog a new home in record time), my blog has a new and improved home. I’ve added some of my favourite links to my blog, as well as new access […]

I Won't Grow Up

Today was MSSA’s Games Day, and the theme was Reverie…university undergraduates fought it out in Pepsi-Cola 123, Zero Point and more. Feet were flying, limbs flailing, people yelping and screaming while stomping others feet and/or balloons in glee. For an afternoon, it seemed we were all 10 yrs old again, and boy was it fun! […]