To A Forever Friend

Received a belated birthday card today from Yinwei…and it’s so funny that the first line was “Every year I always want to send a card to you on time, but every year I am late =) I am really sorry, but I know you won’t be angry right? =)” You’re right, Yinwei…I’m not! I wasn’t expecting anymore birthday cards this late (ha ha)…so your card really made my day!

The card you chose this time for some reason reminded me of those cards and bookmarks we used to spend hours browsing at the Emporium in AMK Central (1994). Do you still remember the bookmark you gave me in late 1993, your then favourite bookmark…in return, I think, for some chocolates I gave you? We weren’t even really good friends then, I thought it was quite amazing that you gave me something you liked so much…because you were nice :P Thank you dear, for the lovely card, and for this friendship. :) (P.S. Did u receive the music I sent to you and Zonghan?)


  1. Hello dear!

    My goodness!! I had expected you to write this on your blog, but I didn’t really think you would REALLY write this… Oh dear!! I’d better send my card on time next year :)

    Yes dear, in fact, that was the very reason why I sent you this card. Cos it reminded me of the bookmarks and cards of the 1990s :) And yes I remember I gave you one of my favourite bookmarks, it’s called 智慧 or something like that right :) Don’t worry, I have 2 of it. I used buy 2 of the same bookmark, whenever I like it, in case I have someone I want to give to, I have another spare.

    You know, the funny thing is, if you ask your hubby, I actually got your address from him very very early… (oops)… :)

    Anyhow, yah lah.. hope you like the card lah.. :)

  2. oooh… jetlag got to the card? it must have been the canadian air….:)

    seems like all my prezzies over the years got so much jet lag that they returned home to sleep…. waiting for ann to come back again before she gets another bday prezzie from me … heheh.:P

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