I was just talking to a dear friend today about needing to be needed by those we care about. And quite coincidentally, I feel needed (in small ways and big) tonight. I had an amazing day girlfriends-wise today. Spent the afternoon and evening with HJ/HM/HX (btw sometimes I really do feel like a baton in a relay race…but it’s not a bad feeling at all). Came home quite late, but dear Wanting kept popping into my room…requested prettily for massage & chat, then later popped back in to show me her grad ball gown etc etc… And then on MSN, another very dear friend said she missed her best friend (me! and I don’t recall her ever calling me that before, other than once in secondary school days but I thought back then it may have been due in part to ‘youthful exuberance’…it’s so much more poignant to hear it from her now…) and threatened that if I wasn’t in Singapore for her wedding she’d tele-conference me in and put my face on the big screen…ha ha… What would I do without my girlfriends? Hopefully, that’s a question I will never have to answer! :P

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