Bonjour Brioche

My day began at 6:30a.m. (but I had near 8 hrs of sleep cos I hit the sack at 10:45p.m.) After spending some quiet time and making that blog entry on Il Mare, I met Edmund for our brunch appointment. He had told me about this great little cafe called Bonjour Brioche, so we went there today. After a very delicious brunch, we took our time walking back. It was a 1 hr 15 min long walk (the cafe was east of Broadview on Queen St. E) with lots of sights I have never seen before in Toronto. Along the way, I had a brush with some dog poo (lucky I didn’t fully step into it), encountered lots of pigeons and saw a dead mouse on the pavement (which I did not take a picture of). We also saw street hockey on Yonge St, and encountered a parade of Vietnamese Canadians bearing the red and yellow Heritage & Freedom Flag commemorating the Vietnam War.

It was a very interesting outing. Edmund was brimming with interesting facts about food (brioche is 50%-70% butter/ there are different types of pastry crust for quiche but I can’t remember the types now) and about Toronto (did you know Jarvis St. was named after a man who survived a duel because his rival cheated and missed and so got a free shot which killed the guy?). I figured it’s a good idea to try going for brunch on more Sundays while Ed is still in town. I need to find out more about the affordable culinary treats in Toronto, and he’s the man to ask (on this trip alone he pointed out/mentioned at least 3-4 establishments to try)!

I’m also very pleased with myself for coming up with the idea of wine-tasting/dinner at Edmund’s place on a semi-regular basis (with me paying my share of course) since he loves cooking so much. I’ll finally get to sample more of his repertoire and sample more types of wine (which I’ve been meaning to do but was loathe to buy bottles for myself)! Both brunch and dinner plans are not exclusive to me of course, but since it’s exam season still, we figured we’d get started first, and when people want to join in the fun, they only need give Edmund a shout.

Here are some photos I took on the outing. Enjoy!


  1. Sounds fun. After exams that is. Sigh.

    (which I did not take a picture of)
    I don’t like this inclusion of this parenthesis. *frowns* Methink thinks that it’s directed at somebody in particular somehow, and I’m feeling a little protective over the fragile ego of this poor innocent person. *sniff*

  2. Ha ha…’fragile ego’? *grin* What will you think of next?

    My ego is as fragile as the person’s you’re protecting and I don’t see you showing me as much consideration *sniff*

  3. haha Glad to be of company. The book I read also has lotsa other interesting tidbits about Toronto, like how Elm was named for a lone Elm tree that’s (used to be?) on Yonge & Elm. Noticed the entry since I live on that street!

    Website link is to info about the book I picked up.

  4. Use a little creativity lah, eg evaporate enough of the wine into the skies, then make sure the wine-clouds are caught in the latest wind current blowing from Toronto-to-Singapore, then when it rains I can taste it already mah…


    Just send me some wine every week. =)

  5. (…) I see the heat and humidity is already getting to you, Ken. :P (alas I can think of no wittier retort)

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