Blue Skies

Murray St. from my bedroom window 

It rained last night, and it was overcast this morning. But it’s starting to clear… I love that I can see a reasonable amount of sky from my bedroom window *smile*

I was lying on my bed earlier just gazing up at the patch of blue sky visible through my window, watching the occasional cottony cloud float by. *sigh* :) Hmm… I think it’s time for me to head out so I can be under that blue sky rather than just admiring it from my bed! :P

~Committed to Bluer Skies~


The (upside down) view of blue sky from my bed :)


  1. It’s times like this when I wish I could stop time, haha. Admiring the sky can keep you more occupied than you think. =)

  2. Another sky admirer. Kenneth, is your admiration for skies the reason why you like that cloud song from Peanuts?

  3. Yup… and also because I saw the cartoon version of the song. It was really very well made. I can’t remember what the Peanuts cartoon is called, though. The same cartoon held another fun song for Edgar Allan Poe, so that might make it easier to identify it.

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