To Mom, With Love

Mom with her Mother’s Day Gift from all four of us

Dearest Mom,

There is nothing I could say, or do, or give you that could begin to express the depth of my gratitude. In my infancy, you were my world. In my childhood, you were my guardian angel and my heroine. In my adolescence, you were my pillar of strength and guiding light. You were always there for me, with a firm but gentle hand. You were always there for me to listen to what I had to share no matter how late it was or how tired you were. You were always there to encourage me, protect me, and challenge me to greater heights. With you at my side, there was nothing I feared.

There came a time when I felt my perfect little world was shattered. I realized that you weren’t invincible, that you weren’t perfect. Could you believe it, I was disappointed to find that you too, were human like me and that there were problems you couldn’t fix? But that sentiment is long gone. I am so glad that you’re only human, because it is a greater wonder that such surpassing love and wisdom can come from a fellow human being.

Growing up, I had always wanted to become like you. I wanted to be like you in wisdom. I wanted to be like you in love. And then, I wanted to be like you in faith. I see the way you touch people’s lives…with family, with acquaintances, and even with strangers. I see the way you bear the grave injustices in your life and your countless sufferings with forbearance and love. There used to be a time when I thought it all came easily to you, because you so rarely showed me your pain.

Mom, I see more and more now. I am realizing through my own little experiences just how hard it is to do what you do. To love like you do, to trust like you do, and to be committed to truth like you are.
I want you to know, dearest Mom, that I no longer take anything you do for granted. I may not always say it, but I recognize more and more the acts of love that you do for me. I store them in my heart and I tell myself that someday, I must try and do that for my children as well…to love them as selflessly as their grandmother loves me. To love them in such a way that they will grow wings and fly. You set an incredibly high standard to follow, but I will do my best to follow your example, and if possible, surpass it in my own way.

Thanks, Mom, for everything. Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S. May I just say I think it is so cool that you read my blog? :P

Here’s a video-clip that John put together despite his hectic schedule for Mother’s Day. I’ve heard that the final version has more *ahem* equal representation. Since he hasn’t sent that to me, we’re happy to share the more lop-sided version here. :)
Mothers Day 2006.wmv

Just received final version:
Mothers Day (final).wmv

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