Into every life, a little rain must fall. Sometimes it may be a drizzle. Sometimes it may be a thunderstorm. Or sometimes, it may be one of those rare sun-showers.

I’d never particularly liked or disliked rain before…although I have some fond memories of super rainy days in secondary school days…such as the time my table-tennis friend and I boarded bus 76 outside St. Nicks. We stood at the rear door, completely and totally drenched from a torrential downpour. And because the floor of the bus was at a slight incline, a stream of water started snaking its way from where we stood towards the front of the bus. It was not a very pretty sight (if you get what I mean). I don’t know why I remember that moment so vividly, but when I think of rainy days, I often recall that scene.

It was raining heavily when I came home earlier, and for some reason, I laughed as I walked in the rain. Rain…is cleansing. On hot smoggy summer days, the rain leaves in its wake cooler and clearer air for us to breathe. Maybe this rain will also leave in its wake fresher hearts and brighter spirits. I choose to believe that it will. :)

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