A Good Week

A week has flown by just like that. Wanting is returning from Spain later today, and I will be happy to see her again. :) And yet, I think I will also miss this past week, because it has been a very good and fruitful week.

I’ve had a generous share of activities and fellowship with friends. But even more importantly, I’ve had a generous share of silence and solitude during which I had begun reconnecting with myself, and with my Lord. God’s timing could not have been more perfect…a week earlier, and such a long time on my own would probably have been unbearable. But it seemed almost as if He had set this week aside for me when He knew I’d have reached the point in my journey where I can truly benefit from quiet time alone. And because of that, I have truly appreciated the undisturbed peace and quiet I’ve been having when I am home.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this comfortable with this much solitude and quiet without feeling restless. No TV (well barely one or two episodes of Law & Order during dinner for the entire week). No MSN. Hardly any web-surfing. Just reading, praying, working, resting, writing and thinking with hardly any interruptions. It wasn’t always an easy time, but neither has it been particularly difficult. Once I’ve crossed certain thresholds, I realize, the insight I’ve gained and the strength the insight affords stays. And yet it is amazing how the next insight I have transforms the preceding insights…On hindsight, I can actually see the way each step paved the way for the subsequent step. Isn’t that wonderful? And isn’t it true of all personal journeys? :)

My travel continues. This past 8 days have been a watershed period, and I feel deeply beloved by Him. I hope I will not become complacent. Forwards always forwards, onwards, always up. There is a joy in the journey, and I desire to be open to that joy. I will try to savour every aspect of the walk so that I will not waste any step I have taken. :)


  1. Ah, that explains why you haven’t been on MSN. Ah well, I’m glad to hear your “retreat” was fruitful.

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