Back in Sunset Way

Just like that, I’m back in my old room again. It never fails to amaze me how within a short 24hrs I can be in my other home half the globe away, where everything is so different and yet familiar.

Mom, Dad and John were all at the airport to pick me up. John didn’t waste any time in peppering his affectionate welcome with teasing. I think I was called ‘chatterbox’ within the first 2 minutes of our meeting *wry*. After John and Dad had started walking ahead of us with my luggage, Mom gave me a hug and said tenderly, “辛苦你了”. I began saying that the flight wasn’t all that bad until I realized Mom wasn’t referring to my flight. My eyes filled momentarily but thankfully, did not overflow. Four simple words. But for a brief moment, I felt my mother’s love for me envelope the both of us. :)


Mom and John brought me to see the church where I’ll be having my wedding next year. Church of St. Mary of the Angels in Bt. Batok.

I generally prefer more traditional churches. But this one, though renovated to be very modern looking, was very tastefully and artistically done. I like it. *smile* And we’ve even had some preliminary ideas about how to have the double-bridal march. John told me that Cathy had thought of maybe using ‘Sanctus’ as the music for her and I to walk in. Pending my approval and/or counter suggestion of course. I haven’t given it much thought yet, but I’m pretty pleased with her suggestion. At least I think this might mean we wouldn’t have serious disagreements about music tastes *grin*.


It’s 8p.m. and I’m dozing off… think it’s time for me to hit the sack and leave all other unfinished business that require the use of my brains till when I am alert again. :P


  1. Meow I’m surprised at you. I thought for years and years you already assumed that Fr. Richards would be the presider at my wedding. Don’t tell me you expect a priest that can sing. :P

  2. Sigh….I thought that since you were holding it at SMA, maybe got some hope lah. Alas…… *she flutters eyelashes in despair*

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