1. You know what? I was actually marvelling at the dark clouds as I was walking in to camp today too. It’s really interesting, how the layered folds of the dark layered clouds, coupled with the leaves whipped from the trees, could actually create a picture of poetic beauty…

  2. :) I’ve been noticing the clouds a little more often of late. I never used to really pay attention to the sky when in Singapore because it’s always too darned hot to make me think of looking sky-wards. :P

    This morning’s storm clouds were a sight to behold!

  3. With that kind of cloud cover, I can imagine how magnificant the storm must have been. :)

    I’ve learnt to ignore the weather forecast in Toronto when they say “Thunderstorm expected” because for too many times I have looked forward to a visual spectacle only to be disappointed when it doesn’t even rain. :P

  4. Heh. You know what my thoughts are about Toronto and ‘real rain’ :P I’m quite amazed to have experienced that really heavy rainfall on the day I left actually, when I was properly drenched despite having an umbrella.

    And yes, the storm this morning was suitably impressive. If there’s one thing I’ve always loved about my apt in Singapore, it’s the gorgeous view when it rains!

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