My Mega-Watt Smile Hubby

Zibin had his braces removed today, and he couldn’t be happier. He didn’t need much encouragement to flash his tidy pearlies at me :P

But tonight, he’s had to endure a couple of things. Not being able to wear some of his favourite t-shirts for one, because I’m saving all our UofT stuff to be displayed for Experiences 2006. And at the same time, he’s had to listen to a few instrumental pieces repeatedly because I’ve been looping some tracks from The Lakehouse film score.

In his words, he’s had to endure quite a lot of injustices tonight because I “don’t let him wear his favourite t-shirts” and I’m making him “listen to funny music”.

He’s currently reading Archies in his Liverpool t-shirt. I hope that’s consolation enough! :P

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