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Sibling Bond

Serena Sign.jpg

Serena signing Zibin’s new award deed as his guarantor. Now should he break his bond, she will leap across the skyscrapers of Manhattan to wherever he is and melt him into a puddle of sweat with a single super-power stare (have you seen how big her eyes are?!) :P

Serena found it amusing that I took pics of her signing the deed. (Serena: “I didn’t even have so many pictures of me signing my marriage certificate leh.” Me: “That’s because you didn’t ask me to be your photographer mah.”)

Actually, the reason I took out my camera was because this was the last evening Serena went back to her parents’ place for dinner before she leaves for New York tomorrow. Call me sentimental, but I just felt like capturing a few of those precious moments. :)


Like Mother, Like Daughter


I went to the Podiatry Centre today and got my feet and gait assessed. It was a very interesting experience. I had my heel drawn and measured, walked on a treadmill to have my gait examined, and had plaster molds made of both feet (the plaster was COLD!). I think my amusement was quite evident, as halfway through the session, Mom piped up, “You’re having fun, huh?” :P

In the podiatrist’s words, my feet are “not working at their most efficient” and what’s going to happen is that I’m going to get “mechanically realigned” by wearing custom-made orthotic insoles. I couldn’t help feeling amused by his choice of words leh. I feel like I’m a machine… but then again, what’s a human being but a living machine, eh? *grin*

On a hunch after listening to the podiatrist talk about my problem, mom made an appointment with him for later in the day. Turns out, she has the same alignment problem too, except she has compensated by developing a gait different from mine. And so the symptoms are different. According to mom, her mother and her grandmother all developed similar knee/walking problems in their old age. Hmm… looks like funny feet runs mother-to-daughter in my family.


  1. You know dear. My foot is also a little similar. I cant’ remember what it is called, but my feet is super arched. That’s why after walking for long, my feet aches terribly, and why I am very particular about the shoes I wear :)

  2. Really? Have you got a high arch? Actually, I think podiatry is quite a recent development… probably a lot of people have ‘problematic’ feet/gait (more complex than just being flat-footed or high-arched)than they themselves know.

    Now John’s saying he also want to go check. Cos his shin area also very prone to pain after running.

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