'Where dreams fly high'

Madeira Blue Sky.jpg

My future home is at The Madeira in Bt. Batok. On the key card and car transponder is pictured stylized birds flying against a backdrop of clouds and blue sky. Printed below the titular name of the estate is the line “Where dreams fly high”.

I hadn’t seen my apartment in the past year because it had been leased out. Today, we handed the apartment over to a new tenant. In between cleaning the place and putting up the curtains, I took some time to admire the view. I was on the 24th floor, so there’s a lot to see below. Yet, as usual, it was the sky that got most of my attention.

I had never noticed the sky from my apartment in The Madeira before. Well, today I did. And I suddenly made the link between what was before my eyes and the logo for my condo. Well, it’s not too late to feel pleased, eh? :P

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