Visiting St. Nicks

Ivy & Me 1.jpg Ivy & Me 2.jpg

Finally got to visit St. Nicks today. Ivy had wanted to bring Eric there to show him the school, and my ‘official’ role was to serve as the decoy for teachers. Of course that wasn’t what happened. It’s not like Ivy to leave me in the lurch, is it? :P

We regaled Eric with tales of our past, and showed him the various places where funny incidents took place. We met several of our teachers, including Miss Low Li Eng (who now teaches social studies and history instead of english), Mr Gan Tok Tin (will be retiring in 1.5 yrs), Mrs Hoo (former Miss Ng Boon Leng; still teaching chemistry and well-loved by students), and Mrs Tan Li Lee (who just found some biology projects from ’95 S4S and S4P recently while clearing her stuff and couldn’t bear to throw them away).

Ivy and I were looking for the trophies we had won back in 1994 and 1995 for the Chinese Current Affairs Competition and the Chinese Chemistry Speech Competition but we didn’t see them. They’ve probably gone into storage after such a long time! *ha ha*

We had a jolly time reminiscing about prefect days, and how we used to have meetings at 7:10a.m. at the spectator stand. We couldn’t recall though, did we meet everyday? Or was it just on Mondays? And what did we used to talk about with at those meetings? I can remember well how Yinwei took attendance in her blue file meticulously and how Enling would be demanding payment from people who owed her money.

And when we walked past the P.A. room, we laughed about that one morning when Ivy was leading the entire school in saying the pledge over the P.A. system. And she smoothly said “… based on justice and inequality…” Funny thing was, our level was having a math test that same day on Inequalities. Way to go, Vee :P


Over lunch in the school canteen, Eric finally got to understand why it is that Ivy and I have such a ‘violent’ relationship. Ivy was trying to explain to Eric our er… complicated history. (I’ve always liked Ivy, since I got to know her in Pr 5. But she disliked me until we started working together and got to know that I wasn’t just ‘pretending to be nice’. :P)

Me: *trying to help Ivy out in her explanation* “…I guess you could say that back then there was tremendous peer-pressure to dislike me.”
Ivy: *brightening* “Yah! Peer-pressure! That’s it! Basically, if you liked Ann…” *trails off trying to figure out how to end the sentence* *brightens again* “… if you liked Ann, you weren’t considered cool!”
Me: “What the?!? You didn’t like me because it wasn’t considered ‘COOL’?!?!”
Eric:*grins at me* “Ann, you should have killed her off all those years ago.”

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  1. hahaah actually i think i said “if you wanted to be cool, you shouldn’t like Ann!”.. about the same, about the same. this eric. dunno who’s side he’s on. i mean, really.

  2. You’re right, you did say that… but I think you said that after Eric’s response. (you repeated the same thing a couple of times as if we didn’t understand it the first time around *sniff*)

    No matter, all this just gives me more reason to be ‘beaty’ with you, no? :P

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