Viral Attack

Well, well…seems Zibin’s not the only one who picks his timing in falling sick. With just 10 days to go in Singapore and still a zillion things to do, I’ve lost the battle and succumbed to the evil virus that has been wreaking havoc on my mom and dad for the past week.

And don’t pray pray, I’ve been warned by the doc that this one could well pack quite a whallop. I’ve already experienced the headache, dizziness, breathlessness and nausea… seems I should be prepared for sore throat, cough, and fever too in the coming days. Well, I hope they give me a miss, because I’m already feeling quite miserable without them, thank you!

Have cancelled all my appointments for these two days, and I fear more cancellations may have to occur unless I make some miraculous recovery. I asked the doc how long it would take for the virus to run its course. 7-10 days it seems. Well, I’m leaving in 10 days… wish me luck that I can kick some serious viral-butt before then!


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