'Ulu' Ithaca

I’m here. I’m in Ithaca once again. Never did imagine that my destiny with this pretty city would extend beyond Weizhen. But Zibin’s graduate studies is taking us right back to Ithaca and the gorgeous gorges and lovely campus of Cornell University.

Zibin’s new place at Carriage House Apartments is quite lovely. The place reminds me a little of my residence in Scarborough Campus… low brick buildings surrounded by foliage. They were out of studio apartments so Zibin had to take a one-bedroom. A very, very spacious one-bedroom. It’s rather large for him, but this means that visitors can stay in great comfort!

We did most of the setting up yesterday, but there’s still some shopping to do today, and of course there’s exploring to do! The weather is great… and already I’m looking forward to future trips here. Nature lovers should definitely visit! :)


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