Kid *bleat* In A 'Candy Store'

I could be a shopaholic. If I had unlimited funds, I think I’d need unlimited storage space in practically every part of my home to store all I would buy. Well, maybe not… :P

What would I buy? *sigh* I have lots of soft spots. Books (that’s my biggest weakness). Digital and electronic gadgets… a fantastic sound system (this will take priority in my future home above visual entertainment), a higher-end camera, super-fast computer with great photo and video-editing capabilities. That’s not all.

These past few days, the consumer in me was being driven to distraction. I love setting up a new house. So far I’ve been holding back because everything’s very temporary. What’s the point of getting things of very good quality when it’s going to be used for only all of 9 months, right? But that hadn’t kept me from being distracted in almost all the stores I’ve visited. Target, Walmart, BedBath & Beyond, Staples, Office Depot, Wegman’s (super grocery store kinda like Loblaws)…

Zibin’s been finding out that his wife gets excited by lots of different things. Kitchen ware and kitchen appliances (oooh btw…I got a new crock-pot really cheap! I can finally have soup for dinner even when I’m out all day, YES!). Lamps. Bed-linen (I nagged him into getting a proper bed-skirt for his bed). Electronics (Zibin got new Altec-Lansing speakers which we both have been enjoying). I’d love to buy pictures and sculptures and other decorative items too, but again, they’re not practical (at least while I’m still in N. America).

Let’s not forget groceries. I bet most people don’t know that I love “window-shopping” for groceries. There are tons of things I would be interested in getting, though of course I wouldn’t cos it would be impractical. Now, if everything could be sold in smaller quantities, I could get greater variety… several types of vinegar, more spices (maybe a great spice-rack), different types of rice…

Near Zibin’s apartment is Pyramid Mall (I hear it’s the only ‘proper’ mall in Ithaca and it’s still smaller than Dufferin Mall in Toronto :P). But you know what? I like it fine because it’s got a pretty decent Borders in it *grin*. Ah books and music… what a perfect combination. *contented sigh*


Heard from John that the Vienna Boy’s Choir is going to Singapore in October (he got an exasperated shriek from me in return for the news). That lucky guy is going to purchase tickets (if still available). I still regret missing out on Yo-Yo Ma in Singapore. Now it’s the Vienna Boys. Aargh!


  1. Aiyah, though I’m not living here with you, can’t let you live too much like a bachelor mah. I’ve got some ‘wifely pride’ you know. :P

  2. i met Shihao in the canteen today. He was most amused when i said you were “setting up house” in Cornell. =P

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