Mom's Response

This is my mom’s response to my blog yesterday. I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing it. *smile* I am touched and gratified by her motherly pride. Her words of affirmation never fail to spur me to strive even harder.

Of course probably not everyone would agree with her words or judgment about me, but that is no matter *grin*. My mom’s always been someone who sees both the best and the worst in someone, but chooses to nurture the strengths with the firm belief that in time I will learn to prune my own flaws.

But I thought I’d share her email because I think it contains love and wisdom that could be shared with all. Though it is addressed personally to me, I think her sentiments mirror what our loving Father in heaven has for all of us.

We are all learning, and growing, and changing ever so much. For those of us who desire to pursue Wisdom, we can have faith that no matter how long or winding the road is, we are making progress. And that somewhere in this world, there will always be someone, be it family, friend, or almighty God who beams at us with pride and say to us, “Well done! Keep going!”


Thank you! I just finished reading your blog dearest. See… I always read your blog first then check my email… Hihi…

Thank you for making an entry especially for me, Ann!

I have seen you grow too dear. Yes, I used to see you grow physically…from a little baby (I still remember those cute, little baby fingers), who only slept during the day and refused to sleep at night… to a toddler (with the diaper on), who would shuffle your bottom while I sat you on the floor and walk and “run” wiggly across the living room… to a mischievous little girl, who would read in class though I told you not to… to a “matured” girl, who “bossed” your friends and directed them to do lots for SNGS…to a young lady, who started to explore the “outside” world… and now a matured young lady who is after the WISDOM…

I have seen you grow spiritually too ever since, or even before, your girl-age… I saw you took out the nicely wrapped (with cellophane paper) book of your favorite… turned it round & round in your hands… reading the same few lines on the cover & back cover, day after day… and then would “discipline”-ly and faithfully put it back to the book shelf in front of you… how you grow much through all those “persecutions” when you were the head prefect… and how you persevered in insisting on staying in God’s love throughout your “darkest” moment (while you were alone in Toronto) and grew tremendously recently…

Yes, you have experienced a lot… learned a lot… and grew a lot too, more than your peers… You are becoming wiser and wiser, stronger & stronger each day… cause you are diligent in your searching for WISDOM, a treasure that is invaluable… a treasure that you will never want to exchange with anything in the world, once you know the nature of it and that She would make you strong, bring you peace and joy (of heaven)… and that She would give you directions in everything that you do… and most certainly, once you realize that She will make the best companion of your life throughout your pilgrimage on earth…

Nothing much I can say about all this Ann. You are different! Yes, you are just different! What I can say is that “I am proud of you”! You have achieved beyond what a lot of your peers have… even beyond what some older people have…

I thank God for all these gifts… I hope you treasure them as much if not more… God loves us! Yes, God loves us sooooooo muuuch, even when we are still sinners… How could I possibly return His love… even if I keep doing that unceasingly unto my death, I can only do this little…!

Remember the story of that little boy who steered the big ship and went across the ocean and reached its destiny, even if he was too short to peep the “outside world”… he did one thing right… he followed the instructions of the captain of the ship, who could see far and knew more about sailing in the ocean…

You are embarking into a new life soon… a new vessel is about to leave it’s docking place… grasp the steering wheel firmly and most importantly… listen to the Captain! Together with Zibin… you will explore… experience… and grow… and yes, with the Captain on board… you will have confidence to cross the ocean and reach the destiny one day, if you two would let go and let Him… Bon voyage!

Love lots & always to eternity!!! Mom and Sister-in-Christ

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