Musical Moonbean

I had dinner with Melissa today. Was hoping to get to know my new housemate a little better… but I think I revealed a side I didn’t quite expect to reveal tonight, much to her amusement.

It started off ordinarily enough. Dinner at Ka Chi in Chinatown. Then, we decided to adjourn to the Moonbean Café a few steps away in Kensington Market for a cuppa and some talk. We stepped in (it was my first time there), and while Melissa was picking her tea, it all began.

Wagner’s Wedding March was playing. A choral version. I went over to the counter and began talking to the girl working there.

Me: “Excuse me, do you know which choir’s singing?”
Girl: *blinks a little confusedly at the unexpected question* “The CD? Er… it’s Opera’s Greatest Hits… I’m not sure which choir is singing it.”
Me: “Do you happen to have the CD cover with you?”
Girl: *sheepish smile* “Erm… I burned it from my Dad’s CD…”
Me: *laughs* “Oh…ok”
Girl: “I could give him a call…?”
Me: “Oh no, no that’s ok… nevermind. Erm so… what hot chocolate do you have?” …

It had only just begun. Some friends already know that I get helplessly distracted by certain kinds of music. Unfortunately, opera’s one of them. It’s not that I love opera, I don’t particularly love the genre, actually. But I love classical music, and I really can’t help being very distracted and even physically affected by grand or dramatic pieces. Especially when it’s played loud.

More than once, Melissa caught me in a state of distraction. I was really trying to pay attention to her, and our conversation. But it was quite hard to be completely attentive when my stomach was doing flip-flops along with the arias.

After a while, the album came to an end. But to my delight as well as dismay (cos it meant more distraction and stomach flipping), Dvořák’s New World Symphony (Chicago Symphonic Orchestra) came on. My every sense was heightened. Unfortunately, Melissa chose to compare her observation of my reaction to that of a squirrel. *wry* (I suppose she means the way I would suddenly stop talking or walking to perk up and listen.)

Lovely café, that Moonbean. The music won me over. I don’t even remember how the hot chocolate tasted like. :P And Melissa was tickled pink about the fact that as we left the café, Mary-Ann (the girl behind the counter)’s parting words to us were, “Come back for more music!”


  1. *lol* I have to agree. She told me that when the manager leaves, she’d put on her own preferred music.

    Something about being in a rustic and nearly empty little café at night, with classical music filling the air that is… oh. so. delicious. *grin*

    Hey Mar, imagine if they had great fresh-baked bread there too. Why if you visited me in Toronto, I’d know just where to bring you. :P

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