A Nice Day

Just as I was about to go to sleep last night, I had a thought, “Today was a good day.”

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary yesterday. It was the little moments that were interspersed throughout (particularly in the afternoon and earlier evening) that added flavour. It was a day peppered with ‘moments’. Facial expressions (Drinking 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice). “Duh” moments (Breaking a spoon. Spilling chicken fat on the kitchen floor. Comparing the texture of frozen grapes with frozen strawberries.).

It’s a nice feeling…when you realize at the end of the day that you managed to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.

***** ***** *****

This seems to be a trouble-filled time for quite a few people. Immigration, rental, health, relationships… I pray that these problems will be resolved soon for my friends. But even more so, I pray that they will be able to take things in their stride. Life has a way of throwing a curve-ball unexpectedly. I know that they’re all strong enough to weather the storm. May they grow yet stronger and wiser through it all!

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