Sunshine Girl

For the last three and a half weeks, OPL1204 has been hosting 舒阳 (a.k.a Sherry) whose youthful, sunny presence added a welcome dimension to our abode.

Melissa was delighted to have company for watching TV reality shows (esp ANTM). Wanting and I have someone new to disturb (one night, WT sat down to talk to Sherry right as I was taking leave of Sherry to sleep. It was like a relay!) And for me, well, I got to know my ‘murderer’ quite a bit better. *grin*

The first time I met Sherry, she wasn’t smiling. And when Sherry isn’t smiling, she looks pretty forbidding, cool and aloof. For a while now I know she is actually pretty friendly and fun-loving. But I didn’t know the extent to which she can go crazy until these few weeks. She comes with half a dozen sound effects (my fav is her signature “diaoongzz”) and animated gestures (like when she taps her two index fingers together and looks up at the ceiling). And her laughter… oh my goodness, her laughter. She can compete with me in terms of crazy laughter lor!

I remember the first time I encountered the full volume of her laughter in person. It was late, almost midnight. I was elaborating in person what my mom had said about my snore sounding like a phone in vibration mode. I didn’t even think it was going to be that funny… but Sherry burst out laughing so hard and so loud that I wondered if Melissa and Wanting were already sleeping. *grin* Still, that was nothing compared to the laughter we’ve had since. I don’t know what it is with Sherry… she’d laugh at my stories or jokes BEFORE I finished them. Makes me suspect she’s laughing at ME rather than my stories *eyes narrow suspiciously*

Anyway, she’s been a wonderful houseguest. Sweet, considerate, tidy and gracious. And let’s not forget delightfully entertaining. We moved her stuff to her new apartment today, though she may still stay with us for a night or two because of the fresh paint smell there.

I know though, that when she leaves, the living and dining room is going to feel suddenly empty. And I’m going to miss her. Melissa commented the other day that she enjoyed staying in such a lively house. And well, lately it’s been a lot livelier because of the little sun-basker (play on Sherry’s Chinese name) in our home.

Well, 舒阳, all the best at your new place! And know that your friends here at OPL1204 will be happy to have you visit often in future! :)


  1. aww!!! so sweet of u!!! so touched *smilezzz*
    i’ll miss staying with u guys too…hehe…cannt have someone to talk to just when i want it leh….elm can get a bit quiet at times one i think :)

    but of course..must really thank you three for having me..cos otherwise…i’ll be having a huuuuuuge headache..and glad that i brought laughter..and talking…and…laughter…and laughter…and laughter to ur place ^.^

    cheers…come and visit me sometimes too!! though its a lot smaller..hehe… :)

  2. And you brought baby-food! *laughs* Ok, I should amend that to made baby-food. :P

    Melissa kept commenting (with that sad little look of hers) last night how quiet and empty our apt suddenly felt after you left. She said now we must make more noise on our own. *laughs*

    Will be happy to visit you too. You’ve got a room with a gorgeous view! *grin* And, erm, ur address will be easy for us to remember cos it’s just 120(4×2). :P

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