Mother & Son

Zibin and I were talking to his mom on Skype earlier.


ZB Mom: (to ZB) “你的脸比较少肉了.”

ZB: “是啦, 你的脸最多肉的吗.”

ZB Mom: (to me) “这个孩子很坏. 牙尖嘴利.”

ZB: “是谁养的?子(养)不教父之过 leh.”

ZB Mom: “父在外面!”

ZB: “那是财政部长.”

ZB Mom: “Aiyah, 你脸真的瘦了.”

ZB: “你眼睛小啦. 所以看我的脸瘦. 我眼睛大所以看你的脸胖. 谁叫你生我的眼睛这么大.”

ZB Mom: *to me* “Eh, 子彬生下来的时候很丑的 leh.”

ZB: *eyes widen in indignation*

ZB Mom: (goes on to describe how ugly he was) “…直到他满月的时候脸才比较圆.”

ZB: “你的脸这样圆, 谁跟你久了脸都会圆的 lah.”


That was just the gist of it of course. Most of the time I was too busy laughing at them to remember what they said.

Zibin’s mom is a really sweet and very simple woman. Nothing makes her happier than to just see her children happy. It was really sweet to see the way her eyes sparkle at Zibin’s jibes even as she was “complaining” to me that he “没大没小”.

Of course Zibin loves his mother to bits. He once told me that though his mom could not provide him with many things while he was growing up, the one thing she never failed to give him and his sister was love. And sometimes he thinks that maybe that’s the reason why he never felt that he lacked anything, even though they had so little. :)

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