Ah Marie…

The OPLers went for an evening at the movies yesterday. Talk about girls’ night out… we watched Marie Antoinette and all the frills and lace and gowns and jewellery on the big screen made me feel so… girly.

I’m grateful to Wanting for telling us before the movie began that she’s heard that the movie’s not fantastic but that the costumes were gorgeous. That turned out to be pretty accurate.

I wasn’t expecting much to begin with (so sorry for my prejudice, but somehow having Kirsten Dunst portray Marie already set my expectations below par…). Plus, with all the pop songs in the soundtrack, I knew it was gonna be a kind of ‘postmodern’ portrayal. I don’t even want to begin talking about the accents in the movie *cringe*.

But the lure of a period film about Marie Antoinette was too great for me. I love period films. I loved Versailles. I love European history. And I really like France! (heh…thot ‘love’ was a little too strong there… after visiting Europe I’ve found I didn’t love France. I prefer Italy!)

The film ended just when things were supposed to get interesting. And I think we were all left kinda ‘duh-ified’. Maybe we should have watched The Prestige instead. Darn. :P


Dunno what’s gotten into me, I’ve been on a movie going binge recently when before this I’ve only watched one film in Toronto all year. The Departed (at Zibin’s request… don’t bother to go unless you’re curious, like ZB was, as to how they adapted the HK film). The Illusionist (at Sherry’s recommendation, and the premise seemed interesting enough. The illusions were interesting, but I think I diminished my own enjoyment by having read the spoilers first. :P). And I’m still considering whether or not to catch The Prestige.

But meanwhile, as my housemates know only too well, I’m still on Wickedmania. A critic somewhere said that the Wicked soundtrack gets more addictive with successive listens. Well, I’m sure it’ll end eventually, but maybe at least until Halloween is over, I can be justified in relishing in Wickedness. *cackle*


There are many tunes that are stuck in my head. But there’s this particular jazzy section of No One Mourns The Wicked that keeps curling my toes. Argh!



  1. I can’t help it. It’s still swirling in my head! :P Melissa was just saying earlier that she can hazard a guess as to what the background music on Friday will be. *sheepish*

  2. At least till Halloween is over?!!! OMG! Thats another 3 more days!!!! Hehe……Anyways, its good having you back for one more night, Ann! :)Just curious, did you bring the soundtrack along to be played in the car?

  3. Hee hee hee… whatdya think?! :P The reason we turned back was cos I forgot to charge my ipod…which had the Wicked soundtrack *laughs* (do u believe me? :P)

    La la la…

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