Of Humans, Birds & Squirrels

Gulls in a parking lot Taking flight! Up, up and awaaay!

Last friday we were shopping at a factory outlet in Waterloo, NY. And there was this flock of seagulls just standing there in the middle of the parking lot. Cars would go by really close to them, and they didn’t even flick a feather.

The kid in me couldn’t resist wanting to disturb them. So disturb them I did. *grin* As I walked closer to them, the ones closer to me slowly ambled away. The shape of their contingent began to form a ‘V’ away from me. I made a run at them, and they took flight! Just too bad the background was so complicated, or else I would have gotten some really nice shots!

P.S. Those gulls reminded me of ‘mine! mine! mine!’ in Finding Nemo

I never was one to seek squirrels out for photo-ops. But lately, Zibin’s been such a charmer with them that they keep getting up close and personal. I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of my furry Torontonian friends while I’m still in town.

Visit the parent album to see more pics. :)

Squirrel at OPL checking Zibin out Posing for the camera Still posing

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