SAC's Vendetta


The SAC building in UofT has always been a canvas of sorts for creative and prankish spirits. The artwork is more often than not contained to the dome. I still remember the huge “ERTW” (Engineers Rule The World) painted in huge yellow lettering in my 2nd year as an undergrad.

This particular piece on the building’s main doors was especially attention-grabbing. I guess it was probably painted because of Remembrance Day (Nov 11). I’ve always wondered though, WHO paints these? How come they’re never seen in the act? And how on earth do they climb up the roof and paint the dome of the building? If anybody knows the answer, please tell!


  1. If you enjoy graffiti, you might want to look into some of Banksy’s work. I love the way he portray current issues in art form. His pictures speak a thousand words… in every single language too

  2. Well, I sway back and forth about graffiti, really. In the past I found the graffiti I see more ugly and a sign of civic irresponsibility than artistic, and the association with gang culture in the 1980’s turned me off it even more. It’s only on occasion that I see something that I find aesthetically appealing… and I have to confess I knew very little about the broader political dimension that graffiti has been used in. :)

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