Missing My Friends


Today I missed my SNG friends more than usual. Maybe it’s Yinwei’s latest blog entry, and the fact that I was talking to En a bit last night. Maybe it’s cos I just mailed Ivy her very belated birthday present. Or because everytime I go to Cornell I think of Weizhen. Or maybe it’s because I wished Bea was here to attend a TSO concert with me and explain to me all the things I don’t know.

I was feeling a little blue, and I got to looking at some photos I took over the summer. This one with Ivy brightened me right up! :)

Ivy, Yinwei, Bea, En, & Zhen: You’re never far from my thoughts. But right now, I miss you something fierce. :P Hope everything’s going well at work and home. Looking forward to the next time we meet again!

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