Catching Up

Me & “Baby Drool”

It just struck me… my baby brother who has always been 4 years behind me in terms of most of life’s experiences is catching up!

I suppose the gap started closing when we came to Canada, cos he skipped 2 years of high-school… so in a way, we became just 2 years apart (at least in school). And then of course, he’s going to be getting married on the same day as me next year. But in one very important aspect he’s getting ahead of me: working life!

Already he’s worked at EDB as an intern, and his 2 years of army life actually gave him a challenging but yet apparently conducive environment for him to ‘bloom’ (funny image I know, blooming in NS *guffaw*). But I’m not kidding.

I always said he was smart, and that he had leadership qualities…although growing up, he shunned student leadership roles unless it was sports-related. Suddenly now, he’s this tough, capable, efficient and organized guy (he transferred my proposed family vacation plan into a meticulous spreadsheet overnight. JOHN!).

He’s in the process of job-hunting now, and going for interviews… already that’s a process I haven’t yet undertaken. Before I know it, he’ll be a working man. OMG. My baby brother! I don’t know why but it just seems so surreal…

I’m so proud of him. Of how he’s learned to persevere in times of hardship. Of how he’s learned to turn adversity into fortune. Of how he kept tackling one hardship after another, and how he didn’t let criticism break him but instead let it fuel an amazing self-growth.

In these two years that we’ve been apart, he has undergone so many amazing changes. So much of the latent potential that I’ve long told him I saw in him have become actualities, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Can’t wait to see him and be crazy with him again!

Long gone are the days I can do this…or win him in an arm-wrestling match :P

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